My Turning Point – Defining Moment – World Internet Summit 2006

March 14, 2006 on 9:46 pm | In General | 4 Comments

Welcome to my new personal blog.

Yes I have other blogs online but at the advice of David Cavanaugh and Mike Filsaime who am I to argue.

They suggested that I get my domain so that when I’m financially independant then I don’t have to buy my domain off of a scapler for tonnes of money. Good advice I’m sure you’ll take also. So if you don’t have your own personal domain then go and get one from my Australian Web Hosting company.

I’m going to dedicate this blog as my focus to setting my own goals and my achievements, from humble beginnings to reaching my target desire (and it’s not to have a lot of money folks). I may share it along the way with you later.

To start with I’ve decided to write a pillar blog post. What is a pillar blog post I here you asking. I’ll show you with an example. It’s a mainstay article on a topic that can be used as the foundation to build your blog off. You wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation and your blog is no different. You should have multiple pillar articles or entries that are the major drawcards of interest for your blog. Yaro Starak and others do this wonderfully.

My first pillar article is going to be my testimonals (yes there is more than one) for the World Internet Summit 2006 held in Sydney March 9-12 at the Sydney Superdome conference center.

It is now the day after the event and I’m taking the day to do my testimonials and soak in what I’ve been exposed to over the last four days.

It is only fitting that an event that so strongly moved me on a financial, personal and spiritual (and I’m not religous) REQUIRES a strong testimonial. Don’t you agree? I’ve broken it down into how I felt about each speaker and then the overall World Internet Summit. I’ve used video and audio and included the notes that I jotted down as well.

Go and have a look and I’d love to get your comments and feedback.


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  1. Hi Aaron
    Thanks for the Blog – I too was at the Sydney 06 internet summit, and WOW it was fantastic. I am still up in the clouds. Stuck in front of my computer is the US$100 from Ted wrapped around my goal card. I see it everyday after work. This helps me stay focussed on the dream and the desire to achieve the goals. Keep up your good work Aaron, and god bless.

    Comment by Mrs Ranjeet Cavanagh — April 10, 2006 #

  2. Great work Aaron !

    Isn’t it extraordinary, surround ones self with like mind and our goals will become so much more achievable, the hurdles just melt away …. This is the power of attending W.I.S.

    Surround self with different mind (not negative, just different …. dont blame them, educate them) and you may sit on the fence not believing you can do it.

    Fantastic Aaron .. You not only can do it, you have done it ! .. STARTED .. this is an excellent review ..

    The lesson here .. take action, results will follow !

    Warm regds
    Talk soon
    Anthony Agius

    Emotion ‘is’ the Driving Force, reminds u ur alive, embrace it :-)

    Comment by Anthony Agius — April 10, 2006 #

  3. Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it.


    Comment by aarond — April 11, 2006 #

  4. Hello Aaron
    As I was reading through your details of the World Internet Summit in Sydney March ’06 I felt I I was transported to the meeting and was holding my breathe, in excitement. I had admiration for the way you described the emotional impact on you, and I found an empathy with your struggles to achieve on the internet.
    I was envious of you meeting all those you mentioned, as I knew of all of them except for two.
    I had personally met and spoken to Tom Hua at another Meeting in Melbourne which took place prior to your event in Sydney, and I was aware that the W.I.S. was going to take place, but because of medical problems with me, I was not able to attend it. You have made me feel almost as though I was there Thank you for sharing this. I would like to keep intouch
    Norma Hales
    Melbourne Australia

    Comment by Norma Hales — June 5, 2006 #

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