Keep Up With Internet Marketing News Using IMNewsWatch

August 31, 2006 on 9:57 pm | In Marketing | 2 Comments

Check this out.

IMNewsWatch is a great resource for keeping up to date with the constant goings on with internet marketing.

Go and have a look and get on their daily email updates. I couldn’t find an RSS feed which would have been awesome.

If someone knows what it is please comment and let everyone know.


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My Old Copy Of Think And Grow Rich

August 28, 2006 on 8:58 pm | In General | No Comments

Have a look at the copy of Think And Grow Rich that I inherited from my dad. It’s very old printed in 1960 and not in the best shape. But the book still readable after being kicked around for 46 years. When he gave it me I didn’t understand what I had been given, until I went to World Internet Summit, and saw Ted Ciuba speak about it. I have just started reading it again, basically it’s as if I’m reading it for the first time, it’s been so long. I also believe that my dad didn’t really understand it either. He is not entrepreneurial in any way and although he highlighted parts of the book, they are not the parts that I would have highlighted.

Think And Grow Rich Cover

Think And Grow Rich Questionaire

I have always been entrepreneurial ever since I was a boy, but I only came to embrace it when I was 21. I’m now 32 and have a goal to be financially independant by 35. How I have the entrepreneurial spirit in my veins is beyond me. My parents did a good job of trying to stop me from being this way, but it’s something that can’t be held back. I think my drive stems from not following in his work all your life even when you’re retired footsteps.


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Script Smart New Release Is Out!

August 15, 2006 on 6:21 am | In Script Smart | No Comments

Hi Folks

Well after 2 months of user interaction with my new software, I’ve streamlined it based on their feedback, and I must say, it really has turned into something great.

I’m still not totally happy with the software, but as the developer and one who has a high attention to detail, I like everything to be perfect. Of course in the real world, you can never get anything absolutely perfect, but you can produce the best product you can.

If you’re a direct sales copy [tag]internet marketer[/tag] and ever wanted to get more conversions out of your sales letter then you should check out this software. There is a free 7 day trial for you to really work through the software and see if you love or not.

There are heaps of actually USEFUL [tag]website scripts[/tag] (both javascript and some PHP) in it that will boost your sales profits.

Here is the link to my Internet Marketing Script Toolbox aka


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